Still confused or have more questions? Please take the time to consult our FAQ. If your question is not answered or you need more clarification do not hesitate to ask by emailing ivan@seriousgamesasia.com for help and support.

When can my team submit the game idea or concept?

Game idea or concept submission opens 25 January 2019 (Friday) and closes 10 May 2019 (Friday). All game ideas or concepts must be submitted in this window to be eligible for the SIMS Games Challenge 2019.

My team does not have a game developer or technology partner to help us in the game idea or concept, can I still participate?

Yes, your team can still participate. We do not need each team to have a developer or a technology partner when they submit their game ideas and concepts. The organisers will help each team to find a developer or a technology partner should the team be successful to be selected for the SIMS Games Challenge 2019 Finals.

My team game could not be ready at the finals. Will my team be penalised?

Yes. We need a working, playable version of the game by the SIMS Games Challenge Finals. We need to see a playable version for our finalist selection process so uncompleted games will be penalised.

Can I submit my game idea or concept if it is a mod (modification) of another game?

SIMS Games Challenge does not support “modded” games. Only original ideas and concepts are allowed. If your team is modifying another game, the team must present what is the unquie idea or concept in the modification.

Our game requires a special controller or a security dongle to play properly. Is this acceptable?

Yes, you can still submit. You must provide ONE piece of specialized hardware (controller, security dongle, etc.) before the SIMS Games Challenge Finals. This is to allow the judges a chance to test the game.

I am a secondary school student with a serious game. Can I submit in the Student Category?

Entry teams for the student category must have minimum 2 persons, whose members must be at least 13 years of age on or before the SIMS Games Challenge Finals. Entry teams under the age of 18 must include their parent or legal guardian on the entry form as part of their team, and identify them as such. If you do not meet the age requirement this year, you will still be able to submit in a future year as long as you are a student in the academic year prior to your submittal.

I can’t travel to SIMS Games Challenge Finals if I am selected as a finalist. Is this ok?

If you are selected as a finalist, you are required to attend SIMS Games Challenge Finals or provide a proxy to display your game on the show floor. This requires someone to be available for the full duration of SIMS Games Challenge Finals.

I am a foreign national with a serious game. Can I enter?

International entries are highly encouraged. If your game is played primarily in a language other than English, you will be required to provide enough translated material for our judges to adequately play and evaluate your game.

Is there a cost or entrance fee involved with participating in the challenge?

There is a non-refundable application fee that must be paid by the finalist. The application fee may be paid by cheque or bank draft.