Past Events

Serious Games Association partners with various organisations to co-organise and host events including innovation challenges and conferences. Conferences are fun! Innovation Challenges are engaging!

Live events with other people are fun. We believe that breaking out of the office and sitting in a new space can spark us to new approaches that will help us to grow both personally and professionally.

That would explain why the main activities of the Serious Games Association are all centered around Challenges and Conferences.


2013 … Initiated the 1st Eco Challenge 2013

The Eco Challenge was developed to educate and foster interests in Integrated Water Resources Management through a fun & interactive digital platform. This challenge was targeted at children age between 11 – 17 years old. It was to encourage creativity and innovation through game simulation. Through the challenge, we aimed to engage the players through self-directed learning, where the player assumes complete responsibility and accountability for defining the learning experience and following it through to its conclusion.

The game used in the Eco Challenge – “Aqua Republica” (developed by UNEP-DHI) – is designed to help players cultivate self-directed learning skills and develop domain-specific knowledge as well as the ability to transfer conceptual knowledge to new situations. Players get to exercise independence in setting goals and making decisions as well as how to achieve the game’s objective within a given framework.

2014 … 2nd Eco Challenge 2014

The Eco Challenge has since grown from 20 plus teams to 100 plus teams in 4 different countries. The competition was played out virtually and top three winners emerged with the Hong Kong Team taking the top prize.

Report from Hong Kong:

2015 … 3rd Eco Challenge 2015

The 2015 Eco Challenge, propelled by the successful execution of the past two challenges held in 2013 & 2014, kick-started with the national challenges in November 2014, leading up to the international challenge in 2015.

With 12 countries participating in the challenge, there was intense competition amongst the players, and thus more self-directed learning and interaction with the teachers/ mentors as players work towards achieving the highest score. For more pictures of the event:


2015 … Initiated the 1st Serious Games Jam

In 2015, the Serious Games Association and the National Healthcare Group (NHG) partnered to co-organise the the 1st Serious Game Jam 2015 from the 11th – 14th of August.

Professionals across various fields from different hospitals within NHG formed teams to develop medical-based games for both medical professionals and patients. The participants liked the idea of using games to deliver content that could be rather heavy and dry, as they felt the entertainment and fun factor would engage players better and aid their learning, and that the challenge within the gameplay would improve retention.

2016 … Birth of the Health Innovation Technology Challenge 2016

Spinning off from the Serious Games Jam, the Health Health Innovation Technology (HIT) Challenge was born.

This is a nationwide contest for healthcare professionals to submit competition entries that identify real healthcare problems and present solutions that are innovative, engaging and sustainable, contributing to the Smart Nations Initiative in Singapore. During the competition, clinicians are matched with technology partners to co-create prototype solutions.

Event website:

Report from Singapore:

2017 … 2nd Health Innovation Technology Challenge (HIT) 2017 & 1st Global Health Innovation Technology (Global HIT) Challenge 2017

The national Health Innovation Technology Challenge has since developed into a 4 nations Global Health Innovation Technology Challenge in 2017. Each country was organising their own competition leading up to the Grand Finals held at the SGInnovate’s SWITCH Platform.

Event website: