SG Academy Paper References

Serious Games Association has a team of academics providing up-to-date papers written on the topic of Serious Games here. The purpose of this section is to provide these updates. Hopefully, the papers referred here can summarize the current state of knowledge of Serious Games advancement. Through these research papers, we hope to creates a better understanding of Serious Games for our community.

Assessment using Serious Games

  • Computational Psychometrics for the Measurement of Collaborative Problem Solving Skills view
  • GlassLab Psychometric Considerations in Game-Based Assesmment view
  • How to Systematically Assess Serious Games Applied to Health Care view

Serious Games Framework

  • Framework for the Analysis and Design of Educational Games view
  • A Theoretical Framework for Serious Game Design: Exploring Pedagogy, Play and Fidelity and their Implications for the Design Process view
  • Developing theory-driven evidence based Serious Games for Health: A Framework based on research community insights view