SIMS Challenge 2019

Beyond The Now. Transforming Healthcare Simulation

Organised by : Serious Games Association & SingHealth Duke-NUS Institute of Medical Simulations

The future of technology for training simulation and serious games is already emerging with the advancement in virtual reality and machine learning research. Thus, it is timely for the Serious Games Association (SGA) and SingHealth Duke-NUS Institute of Medical Simulation (SIMS) to create and organise the SIMS Challenge 2019, a healthcare simulation game design competition to help demonstrate the possibilities how such innovative technologies can be applied in the healthcare industry.

Simulations are commonly used to create the safe environment to help employees learn a task and complete it correctly. For a long time now, educators have proclaimed “learning by doing” is the most effective way to gain knowledge. Technology now makes it possible for content-matter-experts to simulate true-to-life environments that are safe, non-threatening and affordable. This is demonstrated in the oil & gas, security and healthcare industries. These industries with high physical risks use simulation training and serious games to facilitate realistic training.

One of the stakeholders in the simulation and training industry is the instructional designers, whom should be involved in the creation of simulated learning experiences. The instructional designers approach to simulations has always been a learner-centered perspective. However, their involvement and contributions have not been documented nor recognised officially. Through this challenge, we hope to promote the clinical instructional designer’s role in the ‘pedagogical’ phase where the information which needs to be taught to the learners will be molded and created around the methodology of “learn-by-doing”. This is to ensure that the processes presented to the learners in the simulation are effective, immersive, and allow for consequences to happen within the simulation.