Stages of the SIMS Games Challenge

Important Dates

1 January - 14 April 2019 ​​Registration and Submissions Open
​29 March and 12 April 2019 ​What's the Difference Between a Serious Game and Gamification? Webinar by Serious Games Association
​29 April 2019 ​Registration and Submissions Close
​​15 May 2019 ​SIMS Games Challenge Round 1
​​17 May and 31 May 2019 ​ Serious Games Design Introduction Workshop Games Technology Introduction Workshop *Successful teams going to the Finals are required to attend these workshops, which will introduce topics like player motivation, human behaviourial changes, limitations of technology and many more.
​​​31 May - 1 October 2019 ​Game Development Phase
​​​​24 October 2019 ​SIMS Games Challenge Finals

To qualify for the SIMS Games Challenge, entries must:

  • Have clearly defined, measurable learning objectives
  • Provide players with a clearly identified challenge/problem
  • Make use of simulation and/or gaming technology
  • Provide players with positive/negative feedback with respect to progress toward the game’s challenge and achievement of learning objectives
  • Be original games (as opposed to novel uses of existing games)
  • NOT be modifications to existing games
  • Be intended for the stated audience