The SIMS Games Challenge Guidelines

The guidelines for the SIMS Games Challenge 2019 are proposed below:

  1. Submission Categories: The following categories are this year’s competition categories. They include:
    1. Games for Learning & Assessment
    2. Games for Intervention (includes TeleHealth games)
    3. Games for Healthcare Leadership and Management
    4. Games for Awareness Creation or User Education
    5. Others
  2. Team Members: Contestants are invited to form “content expert teams” and submit their simulation and/or serious game concepts that addresses any of the listed categories above. There is no limit to the size of each team but each team must consist of at least min 2 persons.
  3. Team Categories: There are basically two categories in this competition: (a) Open Category and (b) Student Category.

    Student entries are designed to recognize the work of actual students. Simulation and/or games conceptualise by professional or faculty members at a university are not considered eligible to enter in the student category. Student entries are expected to be contributed by students.

    The student team must be comprised of students that were enrolled in secondary school (high school), junior college or universities. The entire conceptualisation and development process must be done by the student team members. Faculty members can be advisers to student teams, but the bulk of the work must have been done by the students.

    If your game was developed at a University (public or private) and was developed by a non-student team, your game is considered to qualify only as an Open Entry.

  4. Updated Information: The submission site and other important dates are prominently displayed on the SIMS 2019 Challenge home page ( Contestants must follow the process outlined and comply with the rules.
  5. Registration Deadlines: Each team will be requested to submit their idea/concept of the game that they would like to build by the 10 May 2019.
  6. Webinar Resource: Prior to the idea/concept submission date, the potential team members are encouraged to attend the two webinar sessions organised by the Serious Games Association to explain the differences between a Serious Game and Gamification. These sessions are free to attend. The dates of the two webinars will be listed in the website.
  7. 1 st Round Selection: After the first round idea/concept submission closes, the judging panel will conduct the 1 st round review process where the top 3 finalists are selected from each of the category. Successful teams will be notified and if they already have game developer partners, they may proceed to develop their prototype. If the finalist does not have a developer team, they will be matched to a development team to proceed to the SIMS Games Challenge 2019 Finals.
  8. Workshop Resource: The successful finalist are required to attend the Serious Games Design Introduction Workshop on the 17 May 2019, 1.30 - 4.30 pm, SingHealth Academia, Singapore. The session will be a 3 hour session to introduce topics on player motivation, human behaviourial changes, limitations of technology and many more. The workshops are organised as a free to attend session.
  9. Judges: The SIMS 2019 Challenge’s judging panel will be elected by the organisers. The panel shall include and not be limited to clinicians, instructional designers and technologist. At the SIMS 2019 Challenge Final, the Challenge then enters into the final evaluation phase where an esteemed panel of judges will determine the winners of the awards in each category.
  10. AppFORO Platform: Teams will be building on the AppFORO platform. Devices that could be used on the AppFORO platform includes:
    • Android phone (version 7.x or higher)*
    • Android tablet (version 7.x or higher)*
    • Mobile Web (any mobile browser capable of supporting HTML5 and JavaScript)
    • HTC Vive
    • Oculus Rift
    • HoloLens
  11. Prizes: Winners of each category will get:

    Open Category:

    1 st Position - S$ 1,000 Cash; Winner’s Trophy; Game will be listed on AppFORO Marketplace
    2 nd Position - S$ 750 Cash; Winner’s Trophy; Game will be listed on AppFORO Marketplace
    3 rd Position – S$ 500 Cash; Winner’s Trophy; Game will be listed on AppFORO Marketplace

    Any games accepted by the AppFORO Marketplace will be subjected to the Serious Games Evaluation Process. Upon receiving the necessary accreditation by the Serious Games Accreditation Centre, the game will be listed for licencing in the AppFORO Marketplace. The AppFORO marketplace will be responsible for marketing and licencing the games in the open market.

    People’s Choice Award: S$ 300 Cash

    Any of the finalist are entitled to participate in the People’s Choice Awards. Separately, participants at the SIMS Games Challenge 2019 Final will play and evaluate the finalists’ games to select the winner of the People’s Choice Award.

  12. SIMS Challnege Finals: The SIMS Games Challenge 2019 Final will be held on 24 October 2019 at Academia in Singapore. Finalists will be prominently displayed at the SIMS Games Challenge 2019 Final’s Games4Good showcase area. During this time the attendees will vote on the People’s Choice Award winner.
  13. Prize Presentation: Winners for all awards will be announced during the award ceremony at the S3 conference 2019.